Nearly everybody is aware of the fact that we cannot do without water, food, and air..It is very important to remain Hydrated. For most people on the planet these are not really thought about or considered very often because of how freely available food and water is especially in Western countries where the living standards are much higher than that of Third World countries.

For many parts of the world where the infrastructure is not so developed and modernised, people are far more aware of these realities as the daily process of finding something to eat for oneself and one’s family and also obtaining clean water that one can use to wash themselves, prepare meals with, and drink is far more of a reality as these basic commodities usually are not easily obtained without a fair amount of effort.

Most people are unaware of the true life-giving and effects of water and how it can actually be used as a healing modality and I will get into this fact shortly. Most people in the first world countries that have easy access to food and water usually overlook the rejuvenating and life-giving properties that water has upon the body.If one were to take a general survey of the population it would quickly reveal the fact that most people do not tend to drink the recommended amount of water per day. Many people would be lucky to drink 1 L of water per day when the basic requirement to wash and flush away the toxins that accumulate from consuming food and other substances, is about 4 L of water per day.

Many people tend to drink soft drinks that are very acid forming and full of sugar which if Ingested on a regular basis will no doubt cause health issues as the years progress. Also tea and coffee are substitutes for drinking water when someone becomes thirsty. What one must realise is that nothing can replace the function that water had as in hydration and cleansing the body. Learn more about the dangers of becoming dehydrated at http://rehydrate.org/dehydration/

The body is made up of around 80% water which means that it is a very important if not critically important to ingest at least 2 L of water per day to be able to maintain a level of health and vitality within the body. 

Unfortunately even in the Western world it is becoming more and more difficult to find clean, unpolluted water supplies. This is mainly due to the fact that how governments and the local water supply is choose to poison our drinking water With such things as fluoride and chlorine and even substances such as lithium. If anyone was to do a little research on these substances that are being added to our water supply one would quickly realise that there can be no benefit in doing such things and in fact it is just the opposite.

Therefore one has to become aware of the fact that water is not all the same and if one wants to maintain good health free from disease and costly medical bills, then one has to educate themselves about how to go about obtaining a pure source of water. There are many good devices and technologies that have come about in recent years to help purify water and also remove such things as chlorine and fluoride from your drinking water. Chlorine dioxide is also useful in removing toxins from the body that can often enough bring about pain if not dealt with.

The benefits of drinking the appropriate amount of pure water per day can not be Learn the signs of Dehydration - very important for optimal health...understated as there has been many amazing testimonies to the fact that simple change in one’s diet and increasing the amount of pure water up to around 4 L per day can dramatically improve one’s overall well-being and health.

If people did nothing more than clean up their diet and increase their consumption of pure water, the incidents of sickness and disease would dramatically decrease. One of the main reason you are not being told about these two very basic ideas is because many corporations have vested interests in maintaining the current paradigm because it generates huge amounts of money for these corporations… if there was a reduction in people eating fast foods and people increasing as the amount of water they have in their diets per day then many of these companies would go out of business or lose lots of money such as the pharmaceutical companies…

So the best thing anyone can do for themselves is to become a little bit educated about the health benefits of water So one can live a life that is disease free and maintain optimum vitality levels…

As they say, a little prevention is worth an ounce of cure.