Supplements you Need to Know About

In order to truly free your fairy qualities to their fullest potential, you MUST look closely at the food you eat. As we are all fairy type spirits, taking nourishment from nature, in the form of potent life giving herbs are one of the best ways in which to get back our magic…

There are numerous plants and herbs that can boost the immune system. When adding them to your daily diet, you will be able to enrich your meals and eliminate the need for consuming any food supplements, as in order to stimulate your immune system. Here are some of the most effective herbs that can boost the human immune system.


Garlic is particularly effective in the fight against all forms of infections. It fights successfully againstGarlic Cloves are Potent Against Worms & such... bacteria, viruses, parasites and protects the human body against cancer, among many other benefits. You should eat garlic every day, preferably raw (cut into tiny pieces and added to a salad. This way, it passes almost unnoticed, while bringing a pleasant flavor to the dish. The recommended quantity for effective results is two cloves per day or even more if you can!


It has antibacterial properties that are mainly used in cooking to prevent the putrefaction of meat. It inhibits the growth of lymphoma tumors. One of its compounds, curcumin is a powerful antioxidant. It can be associated advantageously with black pepper, ginger and cumin.


This is actually the only plant to have the CGF factor that promotes cell reproduction (healthy non-cancer cells). This complex is composed of vitamins, amino acids and nucleotides of DNA and RNA. This particular factor stimulates the natural defenses, resistance and energy. It would also have a probiotic effect (which favors the increase of lactobacillus bacteria that promotes the health of the intestinal flora).


Another supplement that is useful when cleansing is called tribulus terrestris as it will provide the body with some much needed energy at times during the cleansing period. This herb has been around since times forgotten, and has been used traditionally as a way to boost energy and stamina in times of great physical demands. You can either use it in a concentrated form which contains higher levels of active saponins, or buy it bulk but in a weaker form (which requires you to ingest more).

Green tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and many other active biochemical substances, making green Green Teas is an Excelelent thing for Health!tea a great choice to protect and fight against numerous health disorders. Studies suggest that it can strengthen the immune system activity. Its protective role against cancer is already well documented by numerous studies. Drinking green tea is also a factor that controls stress through the action of L-theanine. Uncontrolled stress is a factor which considerably weakens the immune system. The matcha and sencha Japanese teas are the varieties that contain the most active agents.

If you do not like green tea or if you are looking for an alternative to vary its consumption, you could try Tulsi (holy basil) which is not a tea, but a herb used for millennia by Ayurvedic medicine for properties that are comparable to green tea, the most important of them being the stimulation of the immune system.

St. John’s Wort

St John’s Wort contains numerous compounds with biological actions that help the immune system of the body, including hypericin, naphthodianthrones and pseudohypericin. This herb also contains a range of flavonoids such as amentoflavone, quercitrin, and hyperin. You can also choose to consume it for its effective anti-viral agents. Read more of this impressive herb at’s_wort

General advice

Try to eat more fruits and vegetables that are fresh, organically grown if possible. Use plenty of herbs such as thyme, rosemary, sage, basil, savory, etc. when cooking, as they provide many protective nutrients. You should also try to eat fish more often, including here sardines, salmon, mackerel or herring. They are rich in essential fatty acids Omega-3, which are very important for maintaining health and boosting the immune system. For further information on the MMS chlorine dioxide based product then read further on earlier pages of this website as you will likely find it very useful.